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What to do once you have passed your Private Pilots Licence (PPL)

With the summer nearly here and the daylight hours much longer, our students can finally increase their hours to pass the all important skills test and officially become a pilot.

But what’s next once you have your private pilots licence? This week we have asked Lomac club members to tell us about their favourite trips in the skies and what they would recommend to newly passed pilots.

1. Fly with Family & Friends

It will probably be one of the first things you will do once you have your licence and it will probably be as exciting for them as it will be for you. Flying in a light-aircraft is a rarity for many people so make sure you give them the trip of a life time.

With friends and family on board you will also be under pressure. This will give you chance to make that perfect landing and let your passengers go away talking about their trip.

At Liverpool airport we are very lucky to have so many iconic landmarks visible from the sky within a short distance. So, why not take your passengers over the football grounds or even over the Liver building?

2. Fly Above the Clouds

The weather in the UK can be unpredictable and adding the IMC Rating to your private pilots licence will allow you to fly in the UK out of site of the surface and in poor weather conditions and poor visibility. The course is a minimum of 15hrs and a test with an examiner. At Lomac we have in-house instructors and examiners for the IMC Rating, together with all the relevant study material, that can be obtained at Ops.

Once you have your IMC rating why not try and fly above the clouds?

3. Try Flying Other Aircraft

At Lomac Aviators we have a number of aircraft available for our students and members. Why not test yourself in our PIPER PA 28R-201T ARROW III with its six-cylinder turbo Single engine. It even has a retractable undercarriage!

Aircraft conversions can be complex and enjoyable; it gives you the freedom to continue learning and grow your aviation knowledge, it also looks really good in your logbook.

4. Complete a Night Rating

The EASA Night Rating can be added to your EASA PPL and will allow you to fly the aircraft at night in VMC Visual Meteorological Conditions.

The Night Rating is a 5hr course, with no test or ground examination involved.

Three hours of the course is dual with one of our Night Rating Instructors and one hour of dual night navigation plus five take off and full stop landings at night as the pilot in command.

This rating is a valuable addition to the pilots licence and is usually taught through the winter months or in the hours of darkness any other time of the year.

Once you have added the night rating to your licence you can enjoy sunsets from the skies and take in the illuminations of cities and towns across the UK.

5. Fly in to another Airfield for Dinner

Airside dining is becoming more and more popular across UK airfields, with many only a short flight from Liverpool.

Take a look at these the next time you head out –

Barton Airport / City Aerodrome – Runway 26 Café & Bar

Sleap Airfield – Lock Lounge Cafe

Hawarden Airport – Chocks Away Diner

Shobdon Airfield – The Hotspur Café

6. Try a Tricky Runway

Liverpool John Lennon Airport has a runway length of over 2000m. It is fairly flat with little elevation and is wide enough to support any GA aircraft. For students learning to fly, this is the ideal airfield. It mixes commercial and light aircraft to give students a great understanding of aviation.

However, once you start venturing further afield, it becomes clear that not all airfields are as smooth as ours here at Liverpool. You now might have to conduct a “short-field take off”, “short-field landing”, plan a downhill taxi or with a suitable brief tackle a “grass strip” airfield.

7. Become a Member of a Flying Club

Whether you’re flying for fun, looking to build hours, or wanting to learn more about flying, joining a flying club is a fun process that can be very rewarding.

Here at Lomac Aviators we offer a number of membership options to suit you. Members will receive a number of benefits including discounts, courses, apron privileges and the most important of all, join a group of growing aviators with a vast amount of knowledge and experience.