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Amazing landmarks you can see during your first trial lesson

Flying really is a truly unique experience —one of the last great adventures in our modern life. Whether you have ambitions of becoming a commercial pilot, flying in the military or flying for leisure we have all had our first ever lesson. In this blog we will look at the local sites and landmarks that you can see from the sky during your first trial lesson with Lomac Aviators.

1. The Football Grounds

Being a Liverpool based flying school we thought what better way to start than to take a look at what the football grounds look like from the skies. With only a mile in between, Liverpool and Everton are clearly visible with Stanley Park separating the two.

2. Liverpool City Skyline

Flying down the Mersey is a great way to see the City of Liverpool. The Docks, the Liver Buildings and the Echo Arena can all be seen, but can you point them out? By taking this trip on your trial lesson you will get an understanding of the aircrafts altitude in comparison to the landmarks.

3. Oulton Park

Oulton Park, located in Cheshire is the boundary point for the Liverpool zone. Heading out to the motorsport circuit will not only be great to see, but it will also give you an idea of the radio calls involved when flying away from the airport.

4. The Lake District

If you want to head further afield on your trial lesson you can head towards the Lake District. The views from the window are magnificent and your instructor can identify the importance of ensuring you are in VFR conditions when near high ground.

5. Your Home

Of course, when on our first ever flying lesson we always want to see a birds-eye view of where we live. If you are local why not ask your instructor for a detour over your home?

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